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IBC Office Centre

Effective management of successful business activity

An office with secretariat costs with us less, than the leasing installment of your business car! And you are constantly attainable, because your secretary becomes never ill and takes no vacation!


We offer the chance to you to be constantly attainable! We can react at any time; Their answering set can only?record?.


They can occur with the attractive premises, high-quality technical equipment and competent personnel and with it still costs save!


Low minimum postponement times keep all possibilities open of the enterprise development. The?bedarfsorientierte use? from office and conference rooms up to the writing and translation work, the observance and optimal office organization makes possible for a clear cost structure.


We offer the maximum at achievements, with a minimum of expenditure and costs to you!


Visit us and convince yourselves you of the authority and quality, which we can convert to your use.


We are pleased, even if you belong soon to our content customers.

IBC Office Centre

Dept 706, 78- Marylebone High Street

London W1U 5AP

United Kingdom



0044-(0)20-7127 6252

Company registered

Cardiff No. 4677041

United Kingdom

Office hours

Monday to Thursday

10.00 am to 03.00 pm



10.00 am to 01.00 pm